Do you even, at least sometimes, realise how disgusting you are?

Stop posting faces of people that don’t wanna be on your shitty tumblr. Hell, this has nothing to do with “I don’t own niceness”, it’s a fucking crime you piece of sh.


Posting pictures of entitled assholes on the subway isn’t a crime, but your existence is.

This guy looks up at all the people getting on the train, and then looks back down. There was one other seat available…
I’m actually not mad at his shoes (they’re pretty nice), but you’re right, he’s being an asshole.


This guy looks up at all the people getting on the train, and then looks back down. There was one other seat available…


I’m actually not mad at his shoes (they’re pretty nice), but you’re right, he’s being an asshole.

So what you’re saying is that if a man steps foot in a subway, bus, or other form of public transit, he is automatically oppressing women and taking up space with his male ego if he sits down?


Yes, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

i’ll sit how i like.


Okay, but the rest of the world reserves the right to call you an entitled asshole.

i am NEVER gonna stop finding it sick that the only time men care about male assault victims is when they wanna shut down discussion of female assault.

i’m trans, and these exact same men tell me that my gender identity means i deserve it. that if i was a “real man” i’d have fought more. that my being a victim of stalking is funny because nobody wants freaks like me. that i’m not really trans because i just don’t want men to like me. that my past of abuse means that my identity is invalid, and my identity being invalid means i deserve assault NOW AND FOREVER.

feminists support me and tell me that my identity and experiences are valid. they give me and all of those other male victims resources, and they fight for the change of sexual assault and rape laws so that the things that happen to us can be considered crimes.

don’t even speak a word about male rape and assault victims if you can’t back it up. shut the fuck up with your mra bullshit. i know that as a man assaulted by both men and women, rape is still a very gendered act. it’s pointless for us to tell women not to rape. women aren’t raping people at alarming and devastating rates, men are. 99% of rapists are men, you can’t change that by pretending that women are just as likely to rape.


I think this is all that really needs to be said to that piece of mra garbage.

"the well researched data"

[citation needed]

Even IF men are in greater danger of being attacked by a stranger, the point still stands that men are the ones overwhelmingly committing that violence. You completely missed the point.

Enough of your “what about the men” derailing bullshit. This blog is not about your manfeels.”

The well researched data is here, I guess you ignored it the first time.

The point still stands: despite what you believe for whatever reason (I’m assuming you have some weird physiological problem that makes you feel like you need to be a victim) men are much more likely to be victims of violent assault in public than women and you just cant deal with it.

It really is hilarious to see a feminist try to justify violent crime just because the victim and attacker happen to be the same gender. 


Wow, a study from 2009 that still does nothing to actually negate the point of this blog.

Add this to the list of most boring derailing attempts we’ve seen in a while.

watch out! gigantic balls on the loose!

watch out! gigantic balls on the loose!


Despite rarely using public transport, I get why you do this, and applaud you. Generally, men and women are given messages about their worth, and this translates into almost unconscious beliefs about what percentage of public space a person is entitled to. And so some people (usually males) claim larger areas to the detriment of others (usually females). As a young girl, I couldn’t move without being reminded by my mother to always look about and consider everyone else’s needs first. Especially men, then boys, then women, then girls. Always ranked like that. Girls came juuust before family pets and had to fight them for food. (kidding; my mum was nicer than that :) )

Anyway, a while back, we were holidaying with a bunch of families, and between us were an entire range of genders and ages. A mixed group of us (women, girls and boys- the men had taken themselves off to golf for the day) walked over to the pool, and within a few seconds the young males belonging to our group (none of them mine!) had taken over the entire pool area. Everyone else was forced to watch from the edge as they expertly used up all the available space. If you had wanted to swim, you couldn’t unless you wanted to risk being jumped on. If you had wanted a chair- sorry all covered with towels and giant shoes. If you wanted to chat, too noisy. I see this pattern a lot. At the time, my politeness was (still is) too ingrained to say anything.

That’s why I love to see a champion for us lose the manners and say what we are all thinking. Keep up the good work.

Please take down your blog. I am a survivor of train rape and my rapist was a man who took up too much space. I am extremely tr*ggered when I see people reblog your examples of train-related misogyny and oppression. Please stop. I am a transwoman PoC.


Making fun of rape victims, trans people, or people of color is not cool. Should we send you back to preschool so you can learn some manners?

You should fuck off and not think for a second that we would post a picture of a woman. It’s right in the goddamn FAQ you shitstain”

screeched the big, plump bull lesbian. Outwardly, she appeared quite angry, but on the inside, she was just relieved to be the center of attention once again. 


I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish here, brenton (), other than disgusting lesbophobia. If that was your only goal, then congratulations: you’re a garbage human being.