like-nobodys-ever-done asked: I find it funny that you seem to completely misunderstand the definition of feminism, even to the extent of saying "Feminism is not about 'equality.'". Google, Meridian-Webster, and Dictionary(.)com all say the same thing. It IS for EQUALITY. Not to become the oppressors. And feel free to say "Men wrote that definition" because I'm pretty sure the leaders of the suffrage movement when feminism was coined were female. You are the type of "feminists" that make others not want to join the movement.

I’m going to guess you’re one of those people who thinks that the dictionary definition of racism is adequate, aren’t you? Do you go around telling people that the definition that was created by people of color - that racism is prejudice+power - are wrong, too?

Feminism is for women’s liberation. By redefining it as a movement for “equality”, you are trying to hide the fact that women, specifically, are oppressed. As always, the patriarchy attempts to turn women’s strength and power to its own ends.

- Mod Recca

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