themightyjimbob asked: Your logic is a bit skewed. You posit that politely asking another human being to move over and make some space will undoubtedly elicit a violent, murderous response. However, you encourage people to passive-aggressively take covert photos of other passengers on mass transit. Which of these behaviors would be more likely to make a person angry? An "excuse me," or and obnoxious camera phone in someone's face?

Which one involves being in a vulnerable position to be attacked? That would be the “politely asking” someone to move. As we have demonstrated time and again on this page, it doesn’t matter how “politely” someone asks - they’re still risking abuse, harassment and violence.

I don’t care if it makes the men who infringe on women’s space angry - maybe they will start to realize that they are doing something wrong. If it bothers them to be seen as threats, maybe they should stop acting like threats.

- Mod Recca

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