jurr-ell asked: I take the subway everyday of my life. On an empty train at midnight, I'll take as much space as I want. On a crowded train at rushhour I'll gladly give up a seat for a woman because that is the right thing to do. I have been inconvenienced by both men AND women on the train, all the time. Dicks are dicks regardless of gender. "Maleness" isn't bad, the lack of women in government is bad, unequal pay is bad, slut shaming is bad. Oppression is bad, not men. Man hating isn't feminism.

Maleness is, essentially, bad because men are taught that it’s okay to take up as much space as they want because they are men, while women have been taught to take up as little space as possible, although that’s been repeated on this blog time and time again, and it shouldn’t require such redundancy. 

- legacyofthunderstorms

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