This is a completely empty restaurant. I was sitting in the corner where you can see that soda cup. Four men (unfortunately I only got two of them in this snap) came in and had to sit next to me.

in a restaurant

While this isn’t public transit, I’ve definitely observed this behavior as well. It’s a commentary on the idea of personal space.

- Mod Recca

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    As this is on private property it is illegal
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    This completely goes alomg with my theory that the vast majority of feminists are in fact anxiety-disordered sadsacks...
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    ^^^^^^^ thank
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    They are not sitting at the round table. They are sitting at one of the square ones like the OP. The round table is...
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    People sit away from you - RACIST. People sit too close to you? RAPIST. Maybe you need to reevaluate your “bubble” and...
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