Speaking of Balls

Hmmm… why is it that I am not entitled to comment on the way a woman should react to… say, a period, yet this blog seems to have no problem telling men exactly how it feels to have a penis. Or at least, you discount any explanation that has to do with genitals. I recognize that I will never understand what it feels like to have a vagina (or be a woman) and am thus not qualified to talk about it… so where do you get off telling men that it is ridiculous that their genitals would feel uncomfortable if they sit with their legs pressed together? (And yes, I know some men have supported your blog and assertions on genital comfort, but how would it look if I used the claims by a few women [who had light periods] as justification to call out all women and say they needed to “buck up” and stop complaining? Pretty silly, right?)

Regardless, I understand your frustration with guys who sit with their legs open at something like 90 degrees. That, obviously, is an invasion of other peoples space, and rudeness in general. I may not agree with your methods, but I agree that it is unacceptable. However! As your post here (http://movethefuckoverbro.tumblr.com/post/59530543176/this-is-how-i-feel-about-people-taking-up-a-lot-of#notes) seems to demonstrate (crudely) you understand some space is needed for the testicles and penis to feel comfortable. After all, even if it squishes a bit (not too much without pain though), it still on average takes up about 11.5 cubic inches when flacid, and more when you get random boners from vibrations on the bus, or if you are sleepy (or, I guess the perverts on the bus too, but it does happen even if we aren’t thinking about anything “sexy”). Add in the fact that jeans bunch up and constrict (seriously, this is enough of a problem that a major company recently came out with “ball room” jeans)… and it is a pretty natural and comfortable response for a man to spread his legs a little beyond his spot.

Then, add in the fact that the testicles are designed to try and get away from the body, because sperm production is best done when a couple of degrees cooler than body temp. Seriously, if you hold a pair of balls in your hand they will involuntarily shift and move to try and get to a cooler position. Switching to boxers and widening your sitting position is sometimes enough to get a man who was “firing blanks” to be able to produce fertile sperm.

Men evolved to maximize sperm production (after all, as with everything initially determined by evolution we only matter in our ability to produce offspring), and as a result do a lot of things subconsciously regarding our balls.

So, basically what I am saying, your posts regarding people completely overdoing it, or throwing their shit all over and taking up space? Fine (if a bit stalker-y). I can understand that.

Shaming people for sitting with their legs a bit apart? (http://movethefuckoverbro.tumblr.com/image/58179086162)… best of luck, but it is a pretty natural reaction you are fighting against. It sucks, but so does having people fart in public or sneeze in a dusty room. You can fight it, and make “progress”… but expecting people to change without being confronted about it is silly.

Where the fuck do you live that men don’t comment on women’s periods?

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    I think both genders tend to avoid talking about the other’s genitals.
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    I wonder how much time, thought and effort this dude spent just to say, essentially, “BUT MY BALLS.”
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    I don’t even think she read any of it. He said “why is it that I am not entitled to comment on the way a woman should...
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    The mansplaining is strong in this one.
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