"how do you still, STILL, not understand the social differences between a man doing this and a woman doing this? literally how? please explain it to me" because it’s a bullshit reason that you use to justify to yourself your own bigotry.

Umm I learned about this in an upper level college course…. as in there is quite a bit of scholarship behind it and I obviously didn’t write it myself you fucking idiot

- Tzipporah

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    I wont answer your question but I will tell you where I learnt the answer.
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    Upper level college course… probably in women’s studies by a misandrist teacher at a community college…if what she’s...
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    Oh god, the fact that the person who wrote that response is pushing 30 is hilarious and depressing at the same time
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    Sociology, anthropology, and philosophy are all areas of study that examine gendered behavior and socialization. It’s...
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